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The Hole in the Ground

Directed by: Lee Cronin

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Movie poster Impostor
Original title: The Hole in the Ground
Runtime: 90 min.
Production: Irlandia , 2019
Category: horror
Release Date: 5 April 2019
Distribution: M2 Films

Directed by: Lee Cronin
Cast: Seana Kerslake, James Quinn Markey, Simone Kirby


One of the scariest movies of the year. A horrific tale compared to the iconic "Omen". Horror from the A24 studio, which provided us with "Heritage. Hereditary".

Sarah, trying to escape the past, moves with her son Chris to a house in the countryside and hopes that they will be able to start a new life here. One night Chris disappears in the forest, and when he finds himself, he is not completely himself. His behavior becomes more and more strange from day to day, and Sarah begins to suspect that the boy who returned home may not be her son at all ...

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