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Miss Sloane

Directed by: John Madden

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Movie poster Sama przeciw wszystkim
Original title: Miss Sloane
Runtime: 132 min.
Production: Francja/USA , 2016
Category: drama / thriller
Release Date: 2 June 2017
Distribution: Kino Świat

Directed by: John Madden
Cast: Jessica Chastain, Mark Strong, Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Jessica Chastain in the spectacular Golden Globe-nominated role-playing game, risking her life and her career in the fight to tighten gun laws in the United States. A full-scale thriller, reminiscent of "House of Cards," was directed by John Madden - creator of the "Marigold Hotel" and Oscar-winning picture "Shakespeare in Love." The production scenario was on the "Black List" - a famous list of the top ten unused 2015 scenarios. In addition to the two-time Oscar nominee Chastain, the cast of "Alone Against All" includes Mark Strong ("Sherlock Holmes," "Game of Mysteries"), Michael Stulbarg ("New Beginning", "Serious Man") and an outstanding actor Supportive - John Lithgow ("The World According to Garp", "Sensible Words"). "Alone Against Everything" in theaters from June 2.

Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain) is the best paid and most effective lobby in Washington. In a world of great politics and money, where corruption and blackmail are on the sidelines, there is no equal and always a step ahead of the competition. Things get complicated when, as a result of personal experience, Elizabeth is turning against current employers. Supported by businessman Rodolfo Schmidt (Mark Strong) and a team of young talents, he speaks to American gun manufacturers. It quickly becomes clear that in the face of the most dangerous opponent in the career, to win will come to pay her a really high price.

Average rate: 7.0
rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0
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Your comments

Hub 15. June 2017, 11:56

Dobry, niebanalny film o wspolczesnym lobbingu w USA i nietylko...

Pepa 11. June 2017, 20:49

Warto zobaczyć. Daje do myślenia, choćby ten cytat: "Career suicide's not so bad when you consider the alternative is suicide by career" - nic dodać, nic ująć.

pat 11. June 2017, 20:11

Polski tytuł beznadziejny, ale film bardzo dobry - wciąga, zaskakuje, pozostaje w głowie. Warto.

GingerKash 9. June 2017, 12:32

Bardzo fajny film (mimo niefortunnego polskiego tytułu) - trzyma w napięciu i potrafi zaskoczyć.
Główna bohaterka intryguje do samego końca a postaci drugoplanowe są ciekawe i dają się lubić. Wszystko jest bardzo dobrze zagrane - Jessica Chastain potrafi tchnąć życie w bardzo zamkniętą i odizolowaną emocjonalnie od innych postać, przez to mimo, iż niewiele o niej wiemy to i tak jej kibicujemy.
Film wart zobaczenia :)

kamiseq 8. June 2017, 7:49

całkiem niezły. dobrze się ogląda i trzyma w napięciu gdy oczekujemy co się za chwilę wydarzy. 8/10

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